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The Black Friday Boost in Belgium!

Leuven, 01.12.2017

For a few years now, Black Friday is becoming more and more popular in Belgium. Originally it’s a big event in the United States, always the day after Thanksgiving and the day to start your Christmas shopping. During this Friday, retailers take the opportunity to present many promotions, giving big discounts to boost their sales.

The importance of Black Friday is growing fast in the Belgian market, which we can clearly see in the sales of Technical Consumer Goods. During the Black Friday week alone, we note a growth of almost 39% compared to last year! Next to that, we also see big differences in online and offline sales. Internet sales really boomed, with a growth of over 70%! Regarding products sold, the biggest growth contributors are Flat Panel TV, Phablets and Mobile Computing. There is also a strong pricing effect: discounts of up to 20% and more have increased significantly. Curious to find out more? Get in touch to get an in-depth Black Friday analysis for your brand and products. 

Source: GfK POS Tracking, Leaderpanel, Week 47 2017 (20/11/2017-26/11/2017)

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