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Score with the millennials!


The Red Devils are hot stuff with Belgium consumers  - and especially so with their millennials. Did you know that 72% of Belgians overall plan to watch the football World Cup – rising to 81% of millennials?* And the main reason for watching? The patriotic atmosphere it creates!

These impressive statistics highlight the opportunities that a big sporting event offers for brands wanting to engage with these consumer groups. For millennials, in particular, the World Cup offers a perfect fit with their socially-orientated mindset.

Young millennials - people between 18 and 24 years old  – are a vital audience for a number of sectors, from technology to snack foods. This is because they tend to be early adopters, and their brand preferences are not yet firmly defined. They like very different things, have a lot going on in their lives, are savvy shoppers who know how to search around for the best products and deals, and are knowledgeable about using consumer-generated reviews in making their purchase decisions. 

This is why they remain a difficult target group for many companies. The way to improve your impact within such a large target group is to understand their complex profiles, be visible in their social environment, and focus on what these young consumers want from your product or service. 

And that’s what we’re going to reveal next. 

Look out for our next blog giving the different key profiles within Red Devil supporters, and how you can engage with them.

Get a snapshot of each generation of Red Devil supporters and reach football fans of all ages.

* survey conducted via GfK’s online panel in Belgium