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    • 07/12/18
    • Consumer Panels
    • Belgium
    • English

    Score with the millennials!

    Big sporting event offers brands an opportunity to connect with different consumer groups. For millennials, in particular, the World Cup offers a perfect fit with their socially-orientated mindset. Find out how to understand The Red Devils supporters and how to engage with them! 
    • 06/21/18
    • Social and Strategic Research
    • Belgium
    • English

    82% of Belgians want a deposit on plastic bottles and cans

    More than one voter in two (55%), says that the litter in his / her municipality plays an "important" to "very important" role in his / her choice of vote for the municipal elections in October.
    • 06/12/18
    • Retail
    • Consumer Goods
    • FMCG
    • Point of Sales Tracking
    • Belgium
    • English

    Retail Reports Q1: Difficult start for Non-food, but seems to be fueling up for a better spring!

    At the end of 2017, the Belgian non-food market declined, slightly pulling down the overall yearly results. Our hopes that 2018 would start with a bang have not fully been met, however some areas (i.e. Telecom) increased their value tremendously.
    • 06/01/18
    • Brand and Customer Experience
    • Market Opportunities and Innovation
    • Belgium
    • English

    GfK maps the impact of sponsoring Brico Cross in Belgium

    46% of Belgians claim they are interested in cyclocross - and 15% consider themselves as “real fans”, making this one of the most followed sports in Belgium, and delivering strong potential as a sport marketing platform. The “real fans” break down demographically as being mostly male, somewhat older and living in Flanders.
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