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NewProductWorks® Product Collection (NPW)

The NewProductWorks® Product Collection is GfK's one-of-a-kind assemblage of over 140,000 innovative products and packaging, covering 40 years across hundreds of categories, with broad international representation. It is used to understand how markets and consumer needs evolve over time and as inspiration in the idea generation process.

NPW brings a unique combination of expertise and inspiration, putting it on the forefront of leading-edge brand innovation:

  • Consumer Knowledge and Insights
  • Research Leadership
  • New Product Development Expertise
  • Creativity

NPW is integral to our efforts in helping our clients find future market opportunity space, and fill it with successful market driven brand innovation. Not just a list of ideas, but a strong set of highly actionable, complete concepts that take the process forward to successful commercialization and sustainable growth.

The Collection: The Centerpiece of NewProductWorks®

The Collection is a physical assemblage of more than 100,000 "new and once-new" products. This powerful resource brings a unique perspective to innovation projects, making ideation and other key steps of the new product development process faster, more efficient and more fruitful.

As part of our comprehensive approach, we track innovation trends across 300 global product categories and study the evolution of innovation.

This work, integrated with learning from the Collection, helps us identify viable future market space for clients. We pinpoint causes of product failures and develop principles for success that we use to help our clients develop the innovation needed for growth, now and in the future.