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Consumer Life

Predictive trends to identify tomorrow’s opportunities

Around the world, consumers’ lives are transforming at unprecedented speeds. These shifts present huge challenges for brands – but also point the way to extraordinary opportunity.

GfK Consumer Life is the longest-running and most comprehensive study of changing values and lifestyles around the world. The 25+-country database and related perspectives provide a rich understanding of key markets and categories – both today and tomorrow.

We identify how people live, what they want, and how they think. Consumer Life defines and anticipates new consumer opportunities and emerging needs, revealing

  • what are the big consumer trends and market disruptors today, and how this is likely to change in the future 
  • how peoples' values and lifestyles are evolving – and why this may impact major product categories  
  • how the generations and other cohorts are different or the same – and what companies can do to meet their needs

To help you harness the changing consumer landscape for your brand’s advantage, we provide a unique combination of unrivaled data and deep expertise. Our approach focuses on:

  • Rapid answers: our syndicated data can answer your most important questions quickly
  • Highly consultative approach: we help clients unlock trends in their categories by synthesizing primary research, macro indicators, and in-market manifestations
  • Deep and broad global reach: since 1973 in the US, and since 1997 globally 

Consumer Life clients use our insights in a variety of ways, from getting smart on new markets and consumer targets, to understanding a topic before conducting custom research to looking into the future with a bespoke trends framework. Recently, we have

  • Helped a tech giant, who had a robust understanding of consumers in the US, get a baseline view of their potential customers in emerging markets.
  • Partnered with a large media client to replicate their US segmentation in other markets around the globe.
  • Partnered with a major global retailer to develop a perspective on the “Now Gen” consumer (people born after the Millennials) to identify opportunities in the future of brick and mortar retail.  

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Latest Insights

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    • 08/14/17
    • Consumer Life
    • RegioGraph
    • Australia
    • English

    Top Ten Sydney and Melbourne ‘Bachelor’ suburbs identified

    Sydney, Melbourne August 1, 2017: Single women looking for the next Matty J should head to inner city suburbs, according to GfK.<img name="DTM-8eabbe833c-3-REQ" src="http://www.gfk.com/typo3/gfx/clear.gif" class="t3-TCEforms-reqTabImg" alt="" />
    • 05/25/17
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Global Study
    • Consumer Life
    • Australia
    • English

    Opportunity for brands that can give back time or experiences to consumers

    Three in ten people (31 percent) would firmly prefer to have more time than more money – compared to only nine percent who firmly disagree with that. And over four in ten (44 percent) firmly believe that experiences are more important than possession – compared to just three percent who firmly disagree with that. 
    • 03/23/17
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Global Study
    • Consumer Life
    • Australia
    • English

    Majority of online population reads books either daily or at least once a week

    Nearly 60 percent of the online population across 17 countries read books either daily or at least once a week. China has highest percentage of “every day” book readers. Netherlands and South Korea tie for the highest percentage who say they never read books. Women are more likely to be avid book readers than men.
    • 02/24/17
    • Technology
    • Automotive
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Global Study
    • Consumer Life
    • Connected Consumer
    • Connected car
    • Global Consumer Values
    • Australia
    • English

    Vehicle features: Latest driver tech ‘very important’ to 1 in 3 people across 17 countries

    GfK, has released findings showing which vehicle features, from a given list, people see as being ‘very important’ in a vehicle. 
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