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UK Financial Services Summit 2016

Robo - advice: Build it and they will come

Using the premise that past behaviour is a good predictor of future behaviour, Martin Grimwood explores the attitudes and behaviours of mass market investors in the UK and the USA to understand whether robo-advice in its present form can help you fill this advice gap.

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Making the connection: Delivering better experiences, forging stronger relationships

In this presentation, John Banerji looks at how we can capture the emotional imprint of your brand experiences and the drivers of memorability. With this more holistic perspective you will be able to address experiential design and improve experience quality to build sustainable relationships.

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Unlocking innovation with connected consumers

Financial services companies must harness the drivers already at play within the market to unlock new opportunities. Against this rapidly evolving backdrop Joe Staton's presentation will show you how our approach to innovation will deliver new concepts and brand platforms for the future.

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Driving digital innovation through design

This presentation from Ben Weedon is based on a recent event in which GfK UX brought thought leaders in the design world together. This was the FinTech industry’s first event centered on using innovative technology to create digital products and services that reduce the friction within payments and are easy to use for consumers.

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Innovation, Fintech and the Future of Banking

One of our guest speakers, Simon Ware from Accenture's presentation talks about the disruptive impact that technology is having within financial services and how brands need to react if they are to stay ahead of the pack.

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