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Average Australian Holiday is ‚5-8-5‘: 5 months of planning, 8 nights , 5 thousand dollars


​According to GfK Australia’s new Consumer Travel Tracker, on average, Australians planning for international leisure travel begin about five months prior to take-off, for an eight night trip, on a budget of five thousand dollars.

The top three most popular international destinations that Australians claimed to have booked in the three months prior to March, 2015, were Japan (10%), New Zealand (9%) and the United Kingdom (7%). Japan’s number 1 ranking may reflect the seasonality of the survey, which coincided with Japan’s peak ski season. From a continent perspective, Asia accounts for almost half of the bookings (48%), followed by Europe (20%) and Oceania (17%).

Though online (75%) is still the most used source for researching a trip, Australians still rely heavily on offline resources (69%), and just over half use both (51%). Word of Mouth is still a valued and reliable source for a third (32%), who sought recommendation from ‘friends/family/colleagues’.

Australians are most likely to use travel agencies or direct airline websites to make the final transaction and book their trip (56% and 54% respectively). However, other online booking channels such as accommodation website aggregators and travel booking websites are strong (47% and 43% respectively).

Package holidays are not as widely booked by Australians as they are by other Asia Pacific populations. Only a quarter of Australian travelers (23%) book flight and accommodation packages, which is low in comparison with the equivalent results for Malaysian travellers (66%), and those from Hong Kong (48%).

The five most common international travel experience types booked by Australians during the survey period were rest and relaxation (40%), visiting local attractions and culture (31%), heritage (30%), family holiday (27%), and cruises (19%).

Given the investment in time and money, coupled with a thirst for relaxation, Australian travelers tend to prefer higher-end accommodation. A third (31%) claimed that their accommodation bookings were for 4 or 5 star hotels; however, this can also be dependent on location. For example, price and availability in destinations such as Thailand and Bali make luxurious accommodation far more accessible and therefore sought-after.

The GfK Consumer Travel Tracker (CTT) is available twice a year from GfK Australia. For more information about this report or a copy of the infographic contact anthony.ciciulla@gfk.com.

About Consumer Travel Tracker

The GfK Australia Consumer Travel Tracker research was conducted in February 2015 across the five major cities of Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The study of 600 Australians, who had made an international travel booking within three months of taking the survey focused on capturing the purchase journey of booking an international holiday. As well as planning and booking, attitudes and behaviors linked to their decisions were also captured.

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Norrelle Goldring
Norrelle Goldring
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