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Authenticity Today: register for a personal presentation


Authenticity Today: What is it, how do you get it, how does it impact consumers?

Authenticity is one of the biggest trends of our time. As society deals with globalisation and continuing loss of trust in institutions, we are still finding ways to get in touch with brands and products that feel real and true. But consumers are becoming more discriminating and demanding when it comes to authenticity. Request a presentation of the latest successful breakfast seminar topic by GfK, which used very recent, specially conducted research.

In the presentation you will learn:

  • What authenticity means to consumers today
  • How consumers can spot if you're faking it and how they know what's real
  • How authenticity plays out in consumers' decision making who and what is authentic, and why
  • How companies can create authenticity, outlining more than a dozen pathways to authenticity, including transparency, humanity, location in time or place, and natural.

Register by requesting 'Authenticity Today Presentation' to au@gfk.com. 

*NB: registration/request for presentation does not guarantee a place.



Norrelle Goldring
Norrelle Goldring
Australia and New Zealand