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Consumer Insights Engine
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Consumer Insights Engine

Globally, manufacturers and retailers in the technology and consumer durables industries are under enormous pressure from saturating demand, shorter product life cycles, increasing importance of digital channels, increasing competition and declining prices. Day-to-day business often does not leave enough time for ad-hoc surveys to get answers to key business questions.

GfK's Consumer Journey module of the Consumer Insights Engine is the first and only solution for manufacturers and retailers in the technology and consumer durables industries to combine the most comprehensive collection of point of sales data* with market research, online consumer behavior data, and AI-enabled consumer review data. This gives on-demand access to actionable insights that drive smarter, faster business decisions via a unique user interface, the Consumer Insights Engine.  

  • With this solution we deliver answers to questions like: 
  • What triggers the realization of a need to purchase? 
  • What channels do consumers use when researching products? 
  • What are the most important attributes for consumers when deciding to purchase? 
  • What do purchasers think and say about a product? 

Note: *GfK’s point of sales data is used in all markets except the USA where we calibrate to a telephone survey that is based on a probability-based sample representative of both mobile phones and landlines.

Visit the Consumer Insights Engine demo page:

Go beyond PoS data: Get inside the mind of your consumer.
To gain a complete understanding of your customer's purchasing decisions, you need to go beyond the sales data and start asking 'why'?

In our demo page we show you the lost shopper part of the Consumer Insights Engine.

Consumer Insights Engine Demo
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