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Understanding tomorrow's AI-powered Gen Z Mom

Whether we know it or not, our lives are already powered by emerging digital technologies -- a trend that will only accelerate, transforming every Mom’s daily world.

At this year's Marketing to Moms (M2Moms®) conference, Jola Burnett (VP, GfK Consumer Life) will focus on the Gen Z Mom, of today and the future. In a presentation on October 16th, Burnett will show that Gen Z is and will be at the epicenter of society's rapid-fire digital evolution, relying on devices and services that we cannot even imagine today.

Burnett will explore topics such as

  • How will a Gen Z Mom’s unique experiences, values, and attitudes shape her beliefs and needs as a consumer, as she navigates a new world of work, parenting, and personal relationships?
  • How will she be different from today’s Millennial Mom?
  • How can businesses and brands prepare for the needs of this highly pragmatic, somewhat cynical new breed of parent?

The M2Moms® event is being held October 16th and 17th at the Pope Auditorium of Fordham University in New York City.  To learn more, visit www.m2moms.com.

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