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Press release

GfK study on Environmental values and ethical shopping


Half of Australian shoppers only buy products appealing to their beliefs, values or ideals.


  • This lags the two thirds who believe brands and companies should be environmentally responsible


  • Nearly half of Australians feel guilty when doing something that is not environmentally friendly

  • But Australians place less importance on all of these than many other countries.


Australians place less importance on companies’ environmental values than do people in other countries, according to a new global survey by GfK about ethical shopping.

GfK asked over 28,000 people aged 15 or older across 23 countries about how strongly they agree with specific statements. 

Globally over three quarters (76 percent) agree that brands and companies need to be environmentally responsible, compared to Australia’s 66 percent.


Just short of two thirds (63 percent) globally say they feel guilty when they do something that is not environmentally friendly, compared to 47 percent of Australians.


And Australian shoppers need for companies to be environmentally responsible isn’t being evidenced by what they do with their wallets, given the 18 percent gap between the need for corporate environmental responsibility versus those actually buying according to their beliefs and ideals (48 percent).


Of the 23 countries surveyed, Australia ranked 3rd bottom for the need for environmental responsibility, 5th last for guilt, and also 5th last for shopping according to beliefs and ideals.


Download the full report below.


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