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GfK at the Omnishopper International event

15/11/16 - 17/11/16

Define the future of retail with revolutionary shopper insights and activation strategies

On the 15th - 17th November at the Marriott, Canary Wharf, James Llewellyn  and Peter Vankeulen spoke at the OmniShopper international event.

Click here to read our thoughts on the marketing challenge presented by the rise of the omni-shopper ‘The Shopper will see you now’ and see below for the sessions held by GfK.

Click here to read our perspective on how the insight community needs to respond to this challenge 'Getting in front of the queue'

GfK sessions included:

Creating omni-shopper strategy with LEGO (15th November, 11.30 - 12.10 )

Businesses compete across convenience, choice, price and experience to win shoppers; success is defined by finding the right ingredients to build an attractive and distinctive value proposition. 

Much is known about how these four elements influence which brick and mortar stores shoppers go to.  Less is known about how to appeal to shoppers in the online world.  Next to nothing is known about how to get on and offline working together to win the omni-shopper.

GfK has studied the way in which toy shoppers find the information they need to make a decision and the reasons shoppers have for choosing to shop at different toy retailers.  These insights are used by the LEGO business to better position their brand to drive category growth.  We have discovered fascinating things about how shoppers are zigzagging between different sources of information to build up a picture of what they want to buy.  

Kathrine Bjerrum, Senior Trade Development Manager at LEGO Group

James Llewellyn, UK Head of Shopper at GfK

To predict or not to predict: Purchase behaviour and beyond (16th November, 15.30-16.10)

Given the fact that the decision-making process, interface, dynamics and the context between and within channels hugely differ … is predicting purchase behaviour even possible? It’s a question that keeps most of us up at night. One thing we know for sure: understanding the hidden drivers of decision-making is absolutely crucial. It’s arguably as crucial as reviewing new marketing initiatives along the multi-channel, multi-device retail landscape.

Join GfK as we explore successful examples of occasion-based activation strategies based on actionable shopper insights – using both virtual store and virtual reality research.

What will you learn during this session?

  • What (truly) are the benefits of VR?
  • How can we effectively influence decision making, identify relevant touchpoints and overcome purchase barriers?
  • Why is virtual store research such a powerful tool when collaborating with retailers?

GfK will share ideas, best practices and new initiatives around virtual store research as an integrated part of shopper marketing and category management.

Peter van Keulen, Global Director of Shopper & Marketing, GfK Norm