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Capturing the moments that build – or tear down – brand equity

GfK’s Brand Dimensions system reveals the
ways that brands live in consumers’ minds

To bring a level of clarity and practicality to the art of branding and brand measurement, we need to strip away long-held assumptions and return to the true core of brand meaning – the emotional relationship with the consumer. We need to go beyond brand models to understand how brands develop in the first place – the building blocks of brand identity.

The truth is that brand equity is built one experience at a time – and that good feelings can also be squandered with just one or two bad encounters. GfK has developed a new, instinctual model of branding that consists of what we call Brand Dimensions™ – positive and negative impressions that come before equity in the timeline of brand relationships. Brand Dimensions™ are difficult to dislodge; once all brand experiences have gelled in consumers’ minds, and they “feel” they truly know the brand, it can be very difficult to change that perspective.

To learn more about the Brand Dimensions system, download our recent Quirk’s article at the link below. 


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