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Radio Audience Measurement


The latest instalment of AudienScope for 2015 is a collection of qualitative insights from the research combined with a video featuring a range of interviews with focus group respondents. The purpose of the extended study was to understand why radio creates a more 'human' relationship with its audience and to do so AudienScope has moved beyond the online questionnaire and to actual conversations with radio listeners. We have found that people are more engaged with radio because it is authentic and less scripted. More real.

Quantitative research undertaken alongside the focus groups backed up the findings, showing that 28% of people picked radio as the medium they most associated with "having the human touch", followed by TV on 21% and newspapers/magazines with 13%. The research also showed that 38% of people considered radio the most communicative and interactive medium, compared to just 13% for TV and 8% for newspapers/magazines.

Joan Warner, chief executive of industry body Commercial Radio Australia, said: "These insights reinforce the fact that radio is one of the best ways for brands to start a conversation with their customers or take that conversation to a deeper level."

AudienScope, a quarterly national online survey of radio behaviour, provides an additional perspective to the Australian radio ratings. AudienScope looks for deeper, more holistic, insights into the radio listening habits of Australians. The research is released quarterly and involves 1,250 respondents (5,000 per year).

To view the research please scroll to the bottom of the page to the video Radio Real EngagementTo download the GfK Radio Ratings Media Information Kit click here.