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Inflation, innovation, and insight: the key to recovery for T&D retailers

Seize emerging growth opportunities in 2023 with our free white paper

Master the shift from deceleration to stabilization as Consumer Tech & Durables starts to recover

2023 marks a turning point for the Tech & Durables sector: are you ready to hit the ground running? 

With low consumer confidence levels and market saturation, the outlook was bleak for Consumer Tech & Durables at the end of 2022. However, there are now positive signs that recovery is in sight. 

For T&D retailers, the next few months will be critical – and you need to act now to refine your growth strategies for 2023. 

GfK’s new white paper maps out how you can successfully navigate from economic slowdown to stabilization. Expert insights include: 

  • Leveraging the global shift towards stabilization 
  • Optimizing promotions for maximum profit and minimum cost 
  • Tackling saturation with needs-based innovation strategies 
  • Turbocharging sustainability to win over the skeptics

Plan for success in 2023

The Consumer Tech & Durables market remains challenging in 2023. But with the right strategies, retailers can achieve growth and success. 

Data-led decision making will be critical for the creation of targeted plans and strategies that hit the spot for each market and consumer group. 

With sector-specific expertise backed by data science, GfK is uniquely positioned to help you outpace the competition and grow your retail business. To find out more, download our free white paper today. 

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