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Brand and ad tracking is now as easy as ordering an Uber

by Andrew Warden , 17.11.2015

We live in an age of instant gratification. In case you’ve been under a rock for the past five years, consumers in most of the developed world can now order virtually anything they want, whenever they want it.

Today’s connected consumers order their transfers to the airport, or across town, via Uber, Lyft or Gett. They order food for delivery -- whether it be a whole meal or even a single missing ingredient for a specialty dish. They can even order wine or liquor to keep the party going. If they really want to push the limits, they can even order a bartender to mix those drinks, all at the tap of an app.

So let’s get it straight, today’s connected consumer has it made. Really. Convenience is king, and let’s face it, we’re all being made to feel like Kings. If you’re a consumer, that is.

What if you could have the same access to data and insights as you do to Uber? What if you could manage your brand or communication tracking like you do your Instacart?

Most brand and communication managers are challenged to make and maintain brand relevancy in today’s noisy world. But most forget that consumers are also business people as well, that’s right, business people who not only have consumer needs but also juggle competing time pressures like managing a team, a P&L in addition to everyday life challenges. You can manage your personal life on-demand, but why can’t you manage your business the same way?

Let’s stop to think if you could. This is not about convenience, but about real-time decision making. In today’s connected world, speed and agility are critical. So can you afford to wait for your business partners and firms to come back to you on their timetable?

To be sure, some start-ups and legacy companies are trying to serve collaboration tools and other consumer-feeling products to market. This will surely save your time when it comes to connecting with people at the office. But, what if there was a service that provided data and insights that helped make faster business decisions, whenever, and wherever you want?

We recently announced the availability of On Demand, a platform that enables clients to access real-time data surrounding their brand and communication tracking. Before On Demand, clients would wait up to three or four weeks for the data and insight they needed to make decisions. We are now able to offer clients self-access to data and analysis using intuitive dashboards and visualizers on their own time using the latest technology.

So while you can’t yet download an app that will magically give you that corner office, you can get the data and insight you need to get you there, whenever and wherever you want it.

Andrew Warden is a global director of marketing at GfK. He can be reached at andrew.warden@gfk.com or on Twitter @apwarden.