How do we determine a Best Brand based on data? Explore each of the award dimensions below, and find out.
Customer Insight
Customer Experience
Relationship Quality

This year’s award also reflects the pandemic – an era when it is more essential than ever for companies to be customer centric. Here we assess brands through the dimension of customer insight, customer experience, responsiveness, personalization, relationship and trust.

This unique combination creates a reliably holistic perspective of how a customer centric brand is perceived. With data from 10,000 respondents for hundreds of FMCG brands, durable goods and service categories. The questions are precisely targeted by GfK – with the benefit of many years’ experience of high value brand tracking studies.

Such rigor is essential to obtain an accurate picture of how brands perform and why - and it reveals the drivers of brand success. GfK offers unmatched guidance to companies across a vast range of product categories through industry-leading panel data, brand tracking, price modelling, trend research and further high value analysis. Afterall, it’s not enough just to be a loved brand – companies must be able to measure how this emotional perception transforms into market share and sales, to truly become a Best Brand.

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