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Keep up with FMCG shopper and market trends

External forces are rapidly altering shopper behaviors within the FMCG industry. Keeping up with shifting demands requires a complete understanding of your target shoppers, who they are, what they buy, and where and why they buy it, and how those behaviors change over time.
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Access a 360 degree view of your FMCG shoppers

The FMCG market consists of millions of households, each with different shopping habits, and exposure to a variety of influencing factors. At GfK, we can help you stay ahead of trends and rapidly changing shopper behavior. While some trends may be temporary, others are more long-lasting. Soaring prices and inflation will see shoppers continue to be confronted with higher prices and budget squeezes in 2023. How will household spend be affected? What other factors are impacting consumer purchasing behavior? How will each segment of buyers react?  

Report | Behavior Change in times of instability

Europe has experienced soaring prices and an inflation rate above 10% on average in the past year. The European Central Bank predicts that prices will continue to rise until 2024, resulting in ongoing budget constraints for consumers. This report explores the implications for manufacturers and retailers, including which product categories and brands may see reduced demand. 
Get the insights in our bi-annual FMCG industry report: 
  • Changes in consumer behavior in 2023 
  • Categories under pressure as coping behaviors intensify 
  • The anatomy of retail channels 
  • Balancing short-term drivers and macro trends 
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Infographic | European retail trends driving 2023

Improve your chances of making it into consumers’ baskets this year: explore the latest shopper behavior in Europe’s FMCG industry. Discover the range of FMCG shoppers, their purchasing habits, and the reasons behind them. Merging FMCG insights from our ongoing Consumer Panels and our Behavior Change surveys, we present the latest shopper attitudes, buying intentions, and drivers influencing retail across Europe in the months ahead. 

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