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Secrets to success: a toolkit for appliance manufacturers in 2023

Seize our solutions to global slowdown and leverage new growth opportunities – for free!

Master the shift from deceleration to stabilization as Consumer Tech & Durables starts to recover

After consumer confidence and willingness to buy took a nose-dive in 2022, prices and inflationary pressures are now starting to ease. Times are still tough, but there are signs that 2023 could mark a turning point for T&D. 

To get on the right trajectory, appliance manufacturers must act now to reevaluate growth plans and strategies as the sector recovers. 

Our new white paper will help your business carve out opportunities and keep pace with consumer trends. Key topics include: 

  • Using peak promotion periods to clear excess inventory 
  • Rethinking premiumization to address market changes 
  • Creating needs-based innovation to meet consumer demands 
  • Leveraging sustainability credentials to gain a competitive edge 
  • Tapping into growth potential in new and emerging markets

Make 2023 the best it can be

Challenges remain but there are genuine growth opportunities for appliance manufacturers in Consumer Tech & Durables this year.  

To maximize success, you’ll need to harness the power of data-driven decision making to create strategies that meet the needs of each new and established market and consumer segment. 

With our wide range of data-led product solutions, GfK is uniquely positioned to help steer your growth journey. To find out more, download our free white paper today. 

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