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A guide to growth for digital manufacturers in 2023

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From obstacles to opportunities: 2023 marks a turning point for Consumer Tech & Durables

After a challenging 2022, the Tech & Durables sector looks to be stabilizing. Consumer confidence is starting to return and inflationary pressures are beginning to ease. 

As the market recovers, new opportunities are coming up for grabs for digital manufacturers – so it’s time to kick start your growth strategy now. 

Our new white paper will help your business maximize opportunities and outpace the competition. You’ll gain expert insights into: 

  • Mastering the move from deceleration to stabilization 
  • Planning for effective post-pandemic promotions 
  • Leveraging ‘affordable premium’ to drive growth 
  • Creating bold product innovations that meet consumer needs 
  • Turbocharging sustainability with value-led propositions 
  • Targeting buyers in emerging markets with high growth potential

Seize new opportunities in 2023

Whilst the future remains uncertain, there are nevertheless genuine opportunities for growth in Consumer Tech & Durables this year.  

For optimal results, digital manufacturers must leverage data-driven decisions and create insight-led strategies to meet the needs of each target market and customer segment. 

With our wide range of product solutions, GfK is uniquely positioned to help steer your growth journey. To find out more, download our free white paper today. 

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