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Become a Mystery Shopper

We offer a global mystery shopping service, employing thousands of mystery shoppers (also known as secret shoppers or mystery shopping assessors) to give our clients the geographic coverage they need.

GfK Mystery Shopping serves clients worldwide and across many industries, from individual retail outlets and restaurants, to global financial institutions and technology companies.

Mystery shoppers provide our clients with an objective measure of their service and brand. We do much of our work undercover but we also offer professional auditors who work openly.

Our mystery shoppers experience a service or a brand through visits, telephone calls or online assessments. Then we ask them to complete an online survey that provides a detailed picture of their own customer experience. In return for their services, they receive a fee and/or complimentary products or services.

Thanks to our mystery shoppers right across the world, our clients can be sure their staff provide excellent customer service and deliver a brand's true value.

Just contact us to learn more about mystery shopper vacancies.

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