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28 March 2013
7” tablets continue to grow

The total retail IT market* displayed a year on year volume and value growth of 7% and 12% respectively in February 2013. However, considering so much has been written about media tablets over the past 2 years, we thought it would be interesting to see where the IT market would be without the support of this ever-popular form factor.

Omitting media tablet sales, the IT market actually declined by 6% in volume and by 13% in value. One area of the market which is contributing to this decline is the peripherals categories, which include mice, keyboards and webcams.

Mice saw a value decline of 24% year on year in February 2013, whereas webcams declined by 43% in value. Keyboards on the other hand, are in growth by 19% in value when comparing February 2012 to February 2013. While wireless keyboards facilitate content creation on tablet devices, mice and webcams do not offer much added practicality to tablet users, hence their modest growth figures.

It comes as no surprise that media tablet sales have continued their growth, with year on year volume and value growth reaching 234% and 145% respectively in February 2013. Interestingly, the trend towards smaller tablet devices (that was touted to be a result of their gifting appropriate price points), has continued well into 2013. 7 inch media tablets now constitute 62% of all tablet sales when looking at February 2013.

 * As tracked by GfK

Written by Robyn Tovey

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