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Smart Technology Insights


​Technology impacts all industries, driving opportunities and accelerating the speed of innovation.

​To main this success, technology businesses need to understand consumers’ evolving experiences and choices: what do consumers buy and why? How do customers interact with technology? How does it fit into their lives?

Our technology sector experts deliver this comprehensive insight to help you create the engaging and relevant concept designs, product positioning, advertising and customer experiences. And we do this across every market - such as Telecommunications, B2B, IT, consumer electronics, photo, office.

User experience example:

Understanding how users interact with technology is the key to building a product that causes excitement and drives competitive advantage and adoption.

Our user experience specialists put user insights and customer experience at the heart of your concept and design processes.

This lets you prioritize where to focus your investments and avoid costly changes post-launch.

We combine this with our measurement of what consumer technology products are selling, when, where and for how much, to give you full view of the competitive landscape and how to differentiate your offering.

Customer-brand relationship example:

Similarly, we support you in creating experiences that deepen brand relationships and engage customer loyalty.

We do this by measuring all the interactions that your target groups have with your business: from the effectiveness of your advertising, online content or in-store presence, to how mobile shoppers experience and interact with your offering, to the end-user experience. We analyze how each area impacts your overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The outcome is a clear focus on where and how you can act, to grow your customer engagement and lifetime value.

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