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Global testing and localization

When your product or application has a global impact, it is important to ensure it is meeting the needs of the local user. Global testing will get your product into the hands of these users and provide invaluable feedback.

Our experienced UX team leads the preparation, fieldwork, analysis, reporting and overall project management of large-scale global research. We execute user research, usability testing and evaluation methods to clearly understand the complex needs of diverse marketplaces.

Your product’s success depends on local market acceptance. This, in turn, depends on the requirements of local customers being met. Our localization support and customization ensures the design of an interface accommodates local and cultural needs and habits.

Our team spans 6 countries and 13 locations; we have global reach of 55 UX research labs in 25 countries through our international partnership, the UXalliance. Founded in early 2005, this global network reaches major markets all over the world and offers international user experience research for global organizations from one source.

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Shailesh MangaGlobal Lead, User Experience