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UX Design at GfK

We complement our foundation of UX research with a balanced approach to design. By combining research-driven principles, business best practices and aesthetic creativity, we devise powerful, intuitive and memorable products.

Our designs reflect a dedication to users' needs and interface best practices, as well as to your business or technical considerations. We use a user-centered design process consisting of four phases: Discover, Design, Evaluate, and Support.

During Discover, we use ethnographic research, individual interviews, user feedback day and card sorting to understand your users. What motivates them to use your product? What will improve their success rate? How do you provide what works best for them to earn their trust, confidence and enthusiasm? We also gather business objectives and technological constraints so that the designs are realistic and meet both business and user needs.

In the Design phase, we create wireframes that define the information architecture, prototypes that illustrate the interaction design, and create a graphic design that defines its personality and branding.

In the Evaluate phase, user reviews or usability testing is used to validate the usability of the designs.

Once the design is complete, there is an optional Support phase during which we create guidelines, style guides, HTML templates and visual assets to support the development process.

We have helped design websites, software applications, small screen interfaces, mobile devices and applications, health products, health packaging, electronic health records, Call Centers, retail point of sale (POS) terminals, touch-sensitive applications, car infotainment systems and more.

When combined with our UX Strategy solution, our user-centered design process is further enhanced with an Experience Blueprint that helps make detailed design decisions to be intentional about the experiences you create.

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Shailesh MangaGlobal Lead, User Experience