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Mobile UX research and design

We help you innovate and cultivate customer relationships by ensuring usable and enjoyable product experiences.

The mobile device marketplace is among the most competitive. Adding user experience to your knowledge base brings you a competitive advantage.

To surpass your competition you must have a strategy for new and existing products that is driven by user needs; this strategy includes analyzing device user experience (UX) and behaviors. To gain and retain users, you must be attuned to the experiences that delight them through design, and that support their interaction and behavior.

We answer your UX questions ranging from innovation strategies and product and service design, to measurement and benchmarking by our proprietary UX Score. From longitudinal studies to rapid prototyping, eye tracking to experience mapping, we employ methods to evaluate mobile payment, mobile web product strategies, provider websites and call centers, mobile applications and web interfaces as well as the device and user interface itself.

With more than 25 clients in the telecommunications industry -- including 7 of the top 8 telecom device manufacturers and leading operators in the world -- no one can match the mobile experience we bring to each project.

Telecommunications carriers and Multiple System Operators (MSOs)

Your customers are looking for cutting-edge products and service delivery. This requires a clear understanding of user behavior and the marketplace. We provide an integrated view of your customers and the competitive environment by combining market research and user experience techniques. The result is an extremely rich set of product enhancement insights that exceed customer expectations and solidify and improve your brand.

Customer retention is critical in telecommunications. We look at the customer experience holistically, and pinpoint areas of improvement. From plan selection to billing, we identify pain points and areas of differentiation along your portfolio. We then prioritize and focus on the pain points that matter most to your customers and have the biggest impact on loyalty.

We address those pain points with user-centered design. During the product development process, we engineer a better experience by developing the information architecture, interaction design, visual design and prototypes with user involvement throughout.

Telecom manufacturers

We focus on more than features and functions. Our UX team understands behaviors which inform how features and functions should work together. We can evaluate the out-of-box experience, the purchase experience and the interaction with your brand across devices.

Phone, tablet and app developers

We have been successfully researching handheld devices over many industries in a variety of applications and environments for years. As one of the first firms to evaluate the user experience of touch technology, we recognize the subtle differences in mobile touch screens and tablets that impact user interface and application design.

UX Score

Our UX Score enables you to benchmark your portfolio of products relative to the competition. By applying our proprietary standardized instrument to quantify UX, we can help you develop usable, enjoyable and inspiring products, and assess competitive threat.

Used during pre-launch, the UX Score provides results on the performance of the product and the potential in the market. After a product launches, it provides results on the status quo and relevant competitors. The UX Score can also provide results on trends in product development and the competitive environment when used for ongoing tracking.

Labs purpose-built for telecommunications research

As a global leader in the field of device usability testing, we are constantly updating our 25 dedicated in-house labs to ensure we have the best possible facility to accomplish the unique requirements of mobile technology and applications research.

We capture high-definition audio and video of mobile and tablet screens, interactions and reactions displayed and recorded -- all in a single composite view to enable teams in-person or remotely to observe sessions. Each lab is fully optimized and adaptable to meet specific needs.

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