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Success Stories

  • Case Study: Tele-care

    We helped a global pharmaceuticals company to create a game-changing telecare product targeted to Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers to support the patient’s independence while providing reassurance to the caregiver.

    23 October 2013
  • Case Study: Mobile Manufacturer

    A global mobile handset manufacturer wanted to launch a new smartphone operating system aimed at emerging markets. They required an experienced UX partner to support them from early concept to launch, with high quality emerging markets partners.

    23 October 2013
  • Improving the website experience for both parents and kids

    We explored engaging ways to provide information to patients and caregivers of all ages.

    26 June 2012
  • Improved booking path performance on global travel website and mobile site

    An international hotel and resort organization wanted to evaluate the current state of booking path performance and user experience on their websites and mobile applications in Brazil and China.

    18 July 2013
  • Enhanced user experience of iPad education application

    An established leader in textbook publishing wanted to assess the utility, usefulness and usability of a newly developed interactive educational application for the iPad.

    11 February 2013
  • Improve mobile application user experience

    A major airline sought to evaluate their mobile website, primarily to ensure optimal usability for users who frequently access flight information through a PDA or a smartphone.

    21 May 2013
  • UX research and design for mobile application

    We were tasked with evaluating various aspects of the company’s mobile phone app.

    Technology | Financial Services
    9 December 2012
  • Intranet redesign

    A National Insurance Provider engaged us to redesign their Intranet, affecting 25,000 pages of content and over 1,800 employees.

    Financial Services
    12 March 2013
  • Human Factors Validation for 510K Submission (Infusion Pump)

    A major manufacturer of infusion pumps asked us to conduct human factors validation testing on a new pump.

    15 June 2012

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