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Supply Chain Management Insights

​Global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, with speed of innovation outpacing customer-driven replacement cycles.

As they form ever-increasing prominence in business performance today, supply chains need to be leveraged as a key strategic competitive advantage.

Our Supply Chain Management Insights solution addresses the growing challenge of managing an end-to-end global supply chain for IT and technology manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and resellers.

Combining distribution, retail and reseller information into a single database, our clients can receive consistent reporting across 34 European markets segmented by regions, features, channels, customers and price bands.

Consequently, businesses are able to identify and improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain, strengthening relationships with suppliers, optimizing investments and ensuring quality and security of supply.

  • Distribution - order management and logistics optimization
    Stock keeping unit product distribution data across 34 European markets, enabling businesses to evaluate product performance, compare logistical performance against competitors and identify opportunities for greater efficiency.
  • Product Catalogs - information management
    Product catalogs giving full specifications and features of consumer goods and technology products, enabling businesses to save time by having accurate information from one source.
  • Point of Sales Tracking - sales management and marketing optimization
    Reseller and retail sales point of sales tracking data for the world’s largest sample of technology products, allowing businesses to evaluate product performance at the point of sale, compare against competitors and identify growth opportunities from a sales and marketing perspective.
  • Forecasting - volume management and sales planning
    Short- and long-term forecasting based on our distribution and point-of-sales data, allowing businesses to align product availability with expected market demand.

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Rudolf AunkoferGlobal Lead, Supply Chain Management Insights

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