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​Price Optimization

Deciding on the best pricing strategy can be difficult. How do you know what consumers will pay? What factors are influencing consumers’ buying decisions in the short and long term? What consumer goods products are selling at what price?

We help you develop the best price plans by providing insight into the following areas:

Trends and price influences:

We can analyze global retail markets to identify exactly what consumers are buying and at what price. We can provide wider insight into what is influencing their purchase decisions. And also look at future price patterns and the influence of competitor activity.

Price planning

We look at how different prices affect the performance of your product and the full category. Then we help you identify the optimal pricing for single products and product bundles.

SKU price monitoring and optimization

In consumer goods and technology markets, we can use daily tracking at stock-keeping unit (SKU) level, across multiple channels, to confirm that your new pricing is delivering the planned profitability and volume of sales.

With this full-cycle approach, we support your pricing strategy from start to finish. Our global reach, combined with our expert market knowledge, ensures you have the right information to optimize sales.

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