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Online pricing intelligence

Pricing competition has become hotter than ever due to shoppers – and competitor retailers - making active use of online pricing information to see instantly what price different retailers are charging for a specific item.

The speed of change in the market, and the number of competitors selling the same product, means that success relies more than ever on keeping fully informed about the pricing of a particular product, on a frequent basis.

Our online pricing intelligence is as relevant for manufacturers as retailers, delivering better understanding of the daily pricing dynamics affecting different brands across different retailers.

We track item-level prices for millions of products across more than 30 countries and in multiple currencies and languages on a daily basis. We show how prices are changing, by how much, how frequently and when.

For retailers, our data lets you assess your pricing performance across multiple categories and geographies. It can also be linked directly to your retailer price management systems, to allow price changes to be made automatically based on the criteria you set. This means your retail pricing strategy can adapt in the fastest possible time to changing competitor activities.

And for manufacturers, our information helps you to better understand and monitor the position of your own products and competitor products within the market.


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Adrian HobbsGlobal Head, Online Pricing Intelligence

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