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Use Cases

New path in logistics

"Seaport hinterland transport" is quite a mouthful. The phrase refers to the complex global flow of shipping containers, from port to recipient, and from sender to port. GOMULTIMODAL uses RegioGraph to analyze these transport streams as a means of optimally and economically planning the associated train, barge and truck traffic.

Meeting sales challenges with RegioGraph

kohlpharma is Europe's leading medicinal product importer and supplies pharmacies and pharmacy wholesalers throughout Germany. Imported medicinal products make a significant contribution to healthcare savings. Marc Hargarter explains how kohlpharma uses RegioGraph to manage its complex logistics and pharmacy supply operations.

Roche manages diabetes care market with RegioGraph Planning

With more than 35 years experience, Roche Diabetes Care is a pioneer in the area of diabetes management. The Accu-Chek brand is No. 1 in blood glucose monitoring systems worldwide and No. 2 in the segment of insulin delivery systems. Rob Fletcher from Roche's Business Intelligence team in the UK describes how RegioGraph Planning helps manage the market successfully.

IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg: Using RegioGraph to promote economic development

The Lüneburg-Wolfgsburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce's "location politics" division manages all tasks related to economic and structural politicial policies. These issues have direct relevance to the competitiveness of the chamber's region as an economic location, and thus also to the associated businesses. Interview with Harald Kätker, head of regional planning and retail.

Foseco plans sales territories with RegioGraph and worldwide GfK maps

Foseco is an international company that makes full use of geomarketing to manage its operations. The market leader in the sale of products and solutions that enhance the productivity of foundries will use RegioGraph Planning and the worldwide GfK maps to plan its global sales territories. Interview with Gerd Hellenkamp, marketing controller at Foseco Europe.

SPAX plans sales territories with RegioGraph and GfK maps

The world-renowned manufacturer of multi-material construction fasteners, SPAX International, embraces the motto "we connect the world". SPAX manages its operations through geomarketing analyses carried out with RegioGraph and GfK maps. Interview with Harald Hensel, head of key account management at SPAX.

RegioGraph helps Stuttgart police better allocate personnel

The Stuttgart police force is responsible for responding to organized and white-collar crime as well as managing and coordinating police sites and transregional police operations. RegioGraph has supported the force in these endeavors for several years. A contribution by Andreas Baldt, Stuttgart regional administrative authority. 

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