Digital maps

Digital maps that depict postal and administrative boundaries form the heart of all location-related business analyses. We offer the largest collection of these maps on the market, with up-to-date, detailed coverage of the entire globe.

Use these maps to get answers to your location-based questions:

·         How do your reporting levels relate to one another? For example, to which sales territories do your address-based customer turnovers belong? And how high is your accumulated turnover per sales region or postcode?
·         Which regional traits characterize your territories? For example, where’s the nearest branch site for your customers? Are there rivers or mountains that affect accessibility?
·         What are the crucial regional relationships and insights hidden within your data? For example, what’s the correlation between your target group’s distance to a given location and the turnover this location generates?
Our digital maps are available in all standard formats, ranging from our own geomarketing software RegioGraph to ESRI, MapInfo, “geo-enabled” BI systems such as Oracle Spatial, and many others.

Learn how to use our digital maps as the basis of your business analyses and check out our free samples .