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Digital Market Intelligence

When consumers shop, search, communicate, gather information and engage with brands online, they choose specific devices for certain activities and behave differently depending on which screen they are using. And they expect a consistent experience with a company or brand, regardless of the channel or device they are using.

In order to attract these digital and connected consumers, businesses need a way of monitoring exactly which channels and devices people are using for which activities, and what their expectations and motivations are at each touchpoint.

We capture and analyze consumers’ actual (not just stated) online behavior on computers, smartphones and tablets. We combine this with data from offline channels to assess what factors are most influential in triggering consumer purchase decisions at every digital point of contact that they have with your brands, products and services.

By evaluating the impact of online and offline advertising, brand interaction and engagement, the role of social media and people’s digital experience, we give you the power to influence the all-important path to purchase.

We apply all this information to help you design a more effective multi-device and omni-channel communication strategy and optimize the online and mobile experiences that you deliver – so that you increase your competitive edge across all channels and devices.

Ways our digital market intelligence can help you:

We provide a 360° view of consumers’ online and offline behavior throughout the purchase journey, showing what they are doing and why at each point. This insight means you can focus on those touchpoints that have the greatest impact on your business.

We measure the effectiveness of your digital or cross-media advertising using cookies instead of stated recall, to give the most accurate picture. We combine measured exposure with sales and brand uplift data, to track whether your ad is achieving your campaign objectives. Our solutions allow you to adjust your digital media budget allocations even during the campaign (real-time monitoring) as well as by evaluating crossmedia campaigns and creatives, to provide deeper insights into the effectiveness of various campaign elements and channels.

We also explore how specific consumer groups use the internet and relevant category websites – not just what they are doing online, but also the motivations behind their actions. This insight helps you to tailor your online presence and offering to match your audiences’ expectations and increase their long-term satisfaction with your company.