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We are everything Health

How are product innovations and new competition affecting the market scene? What is the optimum positioning for your brand and products? How do consumers perceive your brand, compared to competitors? How do you increase loyalty and optimize sales across all channels?

What we do

As specialists in researching the health industries, we understand your stakeholders’ priorities.  We can evaluate every aspect of your product’s life cycle, from pre-launch to post-launch and from ideation to protecting the franchise.

Our global network lets us share our expertise at industry, country and client level. And that means you benefit from our highly connected and consistent global research solutions, matched with our country-specific understanding. 

Whether you’re looking for market insights at global or national level, we give you full access to our wealth of experience, global services and knowledge of consumer trends.


Client Magazine Talk

 No matter how easy or complex my research needs were, I always got the same GfK enthusiastic approach to any particular study.

David Delgado, Business Intelligence Manager, Abbott Spain