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Insights relevantes e acionáveis: Geomarketing

As nossas soluções de geomarketing e consultoria fornecem aos nossos clientes insights relevantes sobre factos específicos, localizados territorialmente, que impactam no sucesso das cadeias comerciais, lojas, territórios de vendas, grupos alvo, bem como cadeias e redes de distribuição e abastecimento.

Fornecemos respostas acionáveis a perguntas que contribuem diretamente para o seu sucesso regional e internacional, como: Onde pode encontrar os seus grupos alvo, e como pode alcançá-los? Quais são os seus pontos e as suas regiões de sucesso (ou potencial), e por quê? Onde e como pode explorar o potencial de mercado existente?

As nossas soluções incluem análises de mercado regional, localização de grupo alvo, análise do poder de compra por territórios, planeamento de territórios de vendas, regiões e redes de vendas da indústria e seus concorrentes.

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    • 04/29/16
    • Press
    • Retail
    • Consumer Goods
    • FMCG
    • Distribution and Supply Chain Management
    • Geomarketing
    • Point of Sales Analytics
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Portugal
    • Portuguese

    Mercado Retalhista em Portugal: previsão de crescimento lento em 2016

    Em Portugal o poder de compra dos portugueses cresceu lentamente (2,3%) face à média da UE28 (3,7%). O segmento do retalho representa 33,4% no consumo privado dos portugueses.
    • 03/09/17
    • Travel and Hospitality
    • Geomarketing
    • Geodata
    • Global
    • English

    Germans spend more on vacations than cars

    Germans spend almost five percent of their purchasing power on holiday travel. At €1,020 per person, Germans' expenditures on holiday travel exceed even what they spend on automobile purchases. Sea cruises are especially popular in northern Germany, while sport, activity and wellness-related travel is a favorite in southern Germany. These insights are from GfK's first-ever study on regional purchasing power for holiday travel and are being presented at the 2017 ITB tourism trade fair in Berlin.
    • 03/07/17
    • Geomarketing
    • Geo+SalesTerritories
    • Global
    • English

    GfK study on sales territory optimization

    GfK recently researched planning practices among German companies with outside sales forces. The resulting study demonstrates that the complexity, speed of change and diversity of tasks in sales have further increased in recent years. Heads of sales use professional planning tactics, but usually only when forced to respond to an immediate need. GfK's analysis highlights improvement opportunities, which include viewing sales optimization as a strategic task, using objective and potential-oriented optimization criteria and embracing a professional approach to change management.
    • 02/28/17
    • Retail
    • Geomarketing
    • RegioGraph
    • Picture of the month
    • Global
    • English

    Map of the month: Share of single-person households in Cologne

    In recognition of carnival celebrations on Tuesday, GfK’s Map of the Month for February illustrates the share of single-person households in one of the holiday’s strongholds in Cologne, Germany. The data is displayed at the level of detailed grid cells (data source: GfK Demographics Germany 2016). The map is a preview of the new grid analysis feature in the geomarketing software RegioGraph 2017, which GfK will release at the end of March.

Carlos Figueiredo