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30 June 2014
China leading the way in embracing new technology
Beijing, 30 June 2014 – China is one of most positive countries for embracing new technology, according to global research agency, GfK.

Findings from GfK’s Roper Reports® Worldwide study show that close to half (44 percent) of Chinese internet users say that they find new technology products and services exciting and use these as much as they can. This is well ahead of the average for the Asia-Pacific region taken as a whole (Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, India and Thailand) at 29 percent, rising to 32 percent for the global average.

In China, the positive attitude to new technology is slightly more prevalent amongst men, with almost a half (49 percent) of male internet users agreeing with the statement, compared to 39 percent of female internet users. A further 30 percent of the Chinese online population believe that new technology products and services must be mastered if one is to remain up-to-date – but here it is the women that lead the way. Almost a third (32 percent) of China’s female internet users agree with this statement, compared to 28 percent of their male counterparts.

One striking insight revealed by GfK’s study is the higher proportion of older people in China that finds new technology exciting and use it as much as they can. Over a third (35 percent) of 50-59 year old internet users in China make this claim and this actually rises to 41 percent for those aged 60 or over. This compares very favourably when seen against the Asia-Pacific average of 19 percent and 15 percent for each age group respectively, and the global average of 22 percent and 16 percent.

Alfred Zhou, a Managing Director of GfK China, comments, “These findings point towards China as being a particularly welcoming market in which to launch products and services that are embedded around new technology. With both genders and all age groups showing higher than average excitement and appetite for new technology, the opportunities within this market are clearly marked – and not just for the consumer electronics industry. This applies equally for industries that can use technology to improve the delivery or performance of their products – such as contactless payment systems, in-car navigation or entertainment devices, or apps allowing consumers to control items such as their home central heating through their mobile phone.”

In recent years, the online population has driven a rapid growth in the online market in China. According to GfK’s retail audit data, the online market size of China’s technical consumer goods (TCG) sector is forecast to surpass RMB308 billion in 2014, compared to RMB106 billion in 2011 – and the compound annual growth rate is 43 percent.

Zhou continues, “We can see the proof of Chinese consumers’ attitude to new technology in the rise in internet shopping over the last three years. This year, the online market will account for 17 percent of the total TCG market revenue in China, compared to only 8 percent in 2011.”

For a detailed infographic on this topic, please click here.

About the survey

The findings are from GfK’s Roper Reports® Worldwide study, which is conducted annually and covers 25 countries worldwide, combined with GfK China retail audit data. The data in this release are from the 2013 study which included interviews with 1,000 Chinese aged over 15 who had been online in the past 30 days, with data weighted to be representative of the full population.

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