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5 February 2009
UX Experts Identify How to Select an Electronic Health Record System that Healthcare Professionals Can Use

​In recent years, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have been promoted by industry and government as a means of improving patient care and controlling costs. However, actual adoption of EHRs has been lower than expected due to general resistance related to implementation costs, security, privacy, and systems integration. Recent studies have shown, however, that many of these adoption barriers pale in comparison to basic usability and productivity concerns. Simply put, healthcare professionals have found many EHRs too difficult to use.

Why has EHR usability remained an issue even as more organizations deploy these systems? To explore this topic, User Centric (now GfK’s User Experience group) inspected dozens of publicly available Requests for Proposal and procurement guidelines for EHRs to learn how usability was addressed. This inspection revealed that EHR usability was overlooked or only marginally mentioned in nearly all of the documents. Only three documents discussed usability or user experience in any substantive way. Thus, there was a gap between the need for improved usability in EHRs and a lack of usability criteria in the EHR procurement cycle.

To bridge this gap, we propose an approach for specifying usability requirements and assessing EHR systems relative to these requirements. The white paper, "How to Select an Electronic Health Record System the Healthcare Professionals Can Use," identifies a five-step process for specifying and measuring the usability of EHR systems. These steps are intended to help guide selection of an EHR that meets the criteria for high levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and subjective satisfaction among healthcare providers. We believe that EHR systems selected in this manner are more likely to be adopted, meet the needs of their users, and reduce the chance of usability-related abandonment.

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