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  • GfK Purchasing Power USA 2015
    28 October 2015 - The average purchasing power in the United States of €35,179 per person is relatively high compared to other countries.
  • GfK Europe Map Edition 2015/2016 depicts current administrative and postcode boundaries
    15 October 2015 - GfK has released its Europe Map Edition 2015/2016, which reflects the thousands of regional changes that have occurred in Europe over the past year.
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Press Releases

  • Germans anticipate increasing unemployment
    27 November 2015 - Findings of the GfK Consumer Climate Study for Germany for November 2015
  • Q3 2015: Western European Technical Consumer Goods market continued its positive trend
    26 November 2015 - In the third quarter of 2015, the Western European Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) market grew by 3.1 percent, compared to Q3 2014. Sales between June and September 2015 amounted to around €49.4 billion.
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