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  • Mobile Matters: Why FMCG players need a mobile strategy
    17 November 2014 - Why mobile phones are becoming more important for online FMCG sales - Download our whitepaper
    Retail | Consumer Goods
  • A life without market research
    14 November 2014 - Ever wondered what life would be like without the wonders of market research? What if mankind had never thought of this concept? How different would the world be today?
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  • Monitor Emotional Imprint of customer experience to manage customer loyalty
    13 November 2014 - GfK is measuring the 'emotional imprint' of customer experiences as a major new approach that addresses the acknowledged gap between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
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  • Germany knocks USA off Best Nation top spot after 5 years
    12 November 2014 - After holding the number one place since 2009, the USA has this year been pushed down to second place by Germany, which now takes the lead in the Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index (NBI).
    Public Services | Tourism & Travel
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