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Insights & Publications

  • The vehicle is no longer solely the province of the automotive manufacturer
    20 April 2015 - Safety, economy and entertainment are the three main benefits of the connected car. They are the advantages that drivers appear ready and willing to embrace, but less willing to pay more for.
  • New Textile News April 2015 is available
    20 April 2015 - Main issue: Outdoor clothing - A fresh breeze for the outdoor market
    Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Are the German and Austrian tire markets as similar as they seem?
    9 April 2015 - This was a central question that Martin Faißt, International Marketing Manager Automotive at GfK in Germany, sought to answer in his recent presentation at the AutoZum automotive industry gathering in Salzburg, Austria.
  • 44% of US Adults Live in Households with Cell Phones But No Landlines
    2 April 2015 - Data from GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer® show that more than four in 10 (44%) US adults live in households with cell phones but no landline telephones; this cell phone-only population has grown by 70% since 2010.
    Fashion & Lifestyle | Media & Entertainment
  • GfK releases new digital maps for 16 countries in North and South America
    31 March 2015 - GfK has released new map editions for 16 countries in North and South America. The digital maps render the current administrative and postcode boundaries and provide the basis for location-related analyses in geomarketing software and BI systems.
  • Big Data transformation and analysis will unlock the future of TV
    31 March 2015 - Executive interviews with 14 broadcasters and operators outline the state of the audience data market, with clear direction for the future of data in an internet-enabled TV world
    Media & Entertainment
  • RegioGraph 2015 now shipping
    30 March 2015 - The latest version of the geomarketing software RegioGraph is now shipping to customers. RegioGraph 2015 offers many new features, including a Web viewer, IP gecoder and simplified data import.
  • BVMI and GfK develop new category: “Best Interactive Act - German Artist"
    24 March 2015 - The German Federal Music Industry Association (Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V. (BVMI)) and GfK Entertainment have developed a new category for ECHO.
    Media & Entertainment
  • Understanding the indonesian smartphone user
    23 March 2015 - Indonesia often falls into the long shadow cast by other developing markets – Brazil, Russia, India and China – also known as the BRIC countries. But with the fourth largest population in the world, Indonesia is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the growth
  • Do Germans spend a lot on outfitting and tuning their car? Well, it depends...
    18 March 2015 - Do Germans love their cars? They sure do. Do they spend a lot on outfitting and tuning them up? Well, it depends…

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