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31 October 2012
Disruptive technologies: the latest TechTalk magazine is out now
​In the third issue of our TechTalk magazine, we explore how technology is driving innovation and new business models in categories as diverse as photography, gaming and the automotive industry.

Within these categories, preparation for the future is more critical than ever, which means being smarter about how we collect, manipulate and interpret our growing sources of data and insight. As such, we explore how Big Data, when used smartly, gives brands a real chance to prepare. Our article on technology piracy highlights how, sometimes, pointers for the future come from unusual places.
The future is an uncertain place and while we can help prepare for it, we discuss the need for new business models to help manage this uncertainty. 
Join us in the discussion about the innovative ways in which we can prepare for the future.
To find out more please download the new TechTalk as PDF below.


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