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Top 10 GfK Insights for 2017

Becoming a “must-have” brand in 2017

In today’s fragmented world of short attention spans and cautious consumer spending, how can brands stand out? Drawing on recent GfK insights, we offer these 10 inspirations to help you connect with consumers and elevate your brand in 2017. 

Top 10 Insights

1. Help them get organized

Organization is a top home-improvement priority for US consumers. How can you help your customers get life under control in 2017? (Source: GfK Consumer Life)

2. Let them speak to a human

Most consumers want to get investment advice from a “real person.” Make sure your customers are receiving the personal service they crave. (Source: GfK Financial Services)

3. Give them more video

One in six video viewers subscribes to multiple streaming services. Telling your stories with video and other imagery has never been more powerful – or simple. (Source: GfK’s The Home Technology Monitor)

4. Make their in-store experiences seamless

Consumers have more options than ever for shopping and buying, from hand cream to SUVs. Use location-activated surveys and other tools to learn how you can improve their shopping experiences. (Source: GfK Retail)

5. Use mobile coupons to persuade

According to GfK MRI, almost half of consumers who use mobile coupons when food shopping say they like to change brands often. Address this digitally savvy audience to find/win over new customers.

6. Understand their complex purchase journeys

To reap the benefits of Big Data – in purchase journey research and elsewhere -- integrate it with surveys and other sources. This will help you get a clear picture of your targets’ often-twisting paths to purchase.

7. Leverage their smartphones as shopping assistants

Consumers rely on mobile devices when browsing and buying in stores. How can you turn these digital helpers into sales drivers? (Source: GfK’s FutureBuy® research)

8. Salute their “extreme” habit: Binge viewing

Today’s binge viewers are proud, prolific – and passionate about their favorite shows. How can you tap into this growing phenomenon? (Source: GfK MRI)

9. Stay a step ahead of their shopping needs

Point-of-sale data gives a clear picture of which emerging categories and products consumers – such as doting pet owners – are looking for. Get the lowdown from this important trend-spotting resource. (Source: GfK POS Tracking – Pet)

10. Tap their passion for great products

Listening closely to consumers reveals their deeper feelings about products. Find out what engages and inspires your customers – and become a must-have brand in the process. (Source: GfK Market Opportunities and Innovation)

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