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    • 07/19/17
    • Press
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Global
    • English

    The EU consumer climate remains friendly

    The positive mood among European consumers has also continued into the second quarter of 2017.

    • 07/19/17
    • Technology
    • Promotion and Causal Retail
    • Global
    • English

    Combating price erosion in the consumer electronics market

    We give a major multinational manufacturer daily visibility into retail pricing for its products so it can enhance its pricing policy.
    • 07/17/17
    • Retail
    • Geomarketing
    • RegioGraph
    • Geodata
    • Picture of the month
    • Global
    • English

    Map of the month: Forecasted stationary retail turnover, Europe 2017

    Europe's largest and most developed economies offer fruitful conditions for retailers, but they can also be fiercely competitive, and in some cases, are near saturation. Results from GfK's recently released European Retail Study bear this out: As a general rule, the greatest growth in brick-and-mortar retail turnover for 2017 is forecasted for mid-sized European markets, such as the Ukraine (+12.3%), Romania (+9.8%), Norway (+6.2%), Hungary (+5.7%), Estonia (+5.5%), and Poland (+5.3%). By contrast, projected growth for the larger economies such as Germany (+1.0%), Italy (+1.2%), France (+2.0%), and Spain (+2.9%) is much more modest. These insights help retailers pinpoint new opportunities for expanding their market share. GfK's Map of the Month for July illustrates these forecasted 2017 growth rates for retail turnover in Europe.
    • 07/13/17
    • Consumer Goods
    • Connected Consumer
    • Global
    • English

    Conquering Connected Shoppers: Maximize Omnichannel Opportunities

    Check out how we can provide you with insights into effective consumer-centric omnichannel strategies that help you conquer connected shoppers in the digital world – and beyond.
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