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More complete picture on promotions after acquisition of PCNData


More effective promotions by better insights into buying behavior.



On 1 July 2013, GfK completed the acquisition of PCNData. With this take-over GfK is expanding its services with the registration of all sales promotions within FMCG and DIY. This information is a valuable addition to the existing GfK consumer insights. By combining this data, deeper insights arise to help customers to further improve their promotion effectiveness.  


More effective use of promotions

GfK offers insights into who the promotion buyers are and what effect the sale promotions have on the buyer behavior. PCNData registers all sales promotions and gives a complete picture of which actions were implemented at the different retailers. By combining this information GfK allows retailers and manufacturers to realize their promotional objectives. GfK attains additional insights about the impact of competitive promotion activities on the buying behavior. This will more accurately determine which factors influence the effectiveness of the sales promotions and make it possible for manufacturers and retailers to use their promotions more effectively.  



Unique customer value

All PCNData activities are taken-over by GfK. Ruben Boas, the current director of PCNData sees much added value in bringing PCNData and GfK together: "The acquisition by GfK delivers a unique customer value. In addition to the current understanding of sales promotions, customers can now also understand the impact of sales promotions on the buying behavior. This allows the promotion calendar to be completed effectively. "



Lucien van der Hoeven, Managing Director of GfK in Dongen fully shares this view and adds: "With the acquisition of PCNData GfK strengthens its position in the field of promotional insights. By combining the data, we offer a unique proposition in the market that no other organization can offer. For some time we have been able to answer the question what kind of promotions work well for which target group. But now we can further refine the answer and advise our customers even more concrete and action-oriented. "