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Power packs and wall chargers creating a highly valuable charging market


The number of chargers sold in the UK each month has grown by nearly 30% year on year. With a variety of charging options open to consumers, and with extending battery life becoming a key priority for both manufacturers and customers alike, we have seen diversification in the market to meet the needs of the user. Two areas which have fuelled this volume growth within chargers are the more traditional ‘Wall Chargers’ and the increasingly popular ‘Power Packs’, which contain a battery that is first charged at a power socket and later used to charge the device..

In February 2014 wall chargers sold ~85% more volume than in the previous year, almost doubling its share of the total mobile accessories market. One key reason for this is the use of the micro-USB for most electrical products, allowing for chargers to be used interchangeably between similar items.

Power packs saw over 80% growth this month in comparison to the year before, also almost doubling its share of the total mobile accessories market. The growth within this segment is largely fuelled by the consumer’s need for additional battery life on-the-go, with a range of items entering the market to meet these needs. As this segment grows we have seen more premium products brought to market, increasing the value of the market segment by nearly 300% and consequently driving the value of the total charging market up an additional 30%.

Prepared by Dean Collins