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How deep is your love?


​People value certain brands very highly, referring to them in human terms and lavishing them with the sort of affection originally reserved their family, friends or pets. Using metaphors to describe these relationships can be an extremely useful way for marketers to understand how consumers interact with brands and what they value most about them, then use this information to further strengthen the relationship.

Without an emotional bond with consumers you don’t really have a brand, just a product or service. It is this connection that makes people choose one brand over another, engenders
loyalty and also can help a brand command a price premium over its competitors. In maturing markets with more brands vying for attention, the emotional dimension becomes more important. Even in relatively new markets, where more rational drivers hold sway (some technology markets, for example), brands are realising that it’s still wise to build in an emotional dimension to inculcate loyalty early on.

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