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Roadshows and Events

Our presentations will be available after the event. Please contact the Investor Relations team for any presentations.


none scheduled




22.11.2016        Natixis MidCap Conference, Paris

17.-18.11.2016  Morgan Stanley TMT Conference, Barcelona

11.10.2016        Roadshow Hamburg

22.-23.09.2016  Roadshow San Francisco

21.09.2016        Baader Investment Conference, Munich

20.09.2016        Berenberg/Goldman Sachs German Corporate Conference, Munich

01.09.2016        Commerzbank Sector Week, Frankfurt

16.08.2016        Roadshow London

22.06.2016        Roadshow New York

08.06.2016        Deutsche Bank German Swiss & Austrian Conference, Berlin

31.05.-01.06.2016  Roadshow Edinburgh and London

13.04.2016        Deutsche Bank Pan European Small&MidCap Conference, London

22.03.2016        HSBC Equity Conference, Paris

21.-23.03.2016  US Roadshow Boston/Montreal/Chicago

15.03.2016        Citi's Annual Media Trip, Munich

05.02.2016        Capital Market Day, Frankfurt

18.01.2016        UniCredit Cheuvreux Conference, Frankfurt

07.01.2016        Oddo Forum, Lyon


26.11.2015        Roadshow Helsinki, FIN

22.09.2015        Baader Investment Conference, Munich

21.09.2015        Berenberg Goldman Sachs German Corporate Conference, Munich

17.09.2015        UBS Best of Germany Conference, New York

09.09.2015        Commerzbank Sector Week, Frankfurt

03.09.2015        Roadshow London

20.08.2015        Roadshow Warsaw, PL

19.06.2015        Deutsche Bank German Swiss & Austrian Conference, Berlin

29.05.2015        SG Conference, Nice

20.-21.05.2015  Commerzbank German Mid Cap Investment Conference, Boston/New York

01.04.2015        HSBC Equity Conference, Paris

25.03.2015        Citi`s Annual Media Trip, Munich

25.03.2015        Deutsche Bank Pan European Conference, London

19.03.2015        Roadshow New York, USA

13.03.2015        Analysts Conference Call

09.-13.02.2015  Roadshow US - Boston/New York/Chicago/West Coast

23.01.2015        Capital Market Day, Villa Kennedy, Frankfurt/Main

21.01.2015        Cheuvreux Conference, Frankfurt/Main

09.01.2015        Oddo MidCap Forum, Lyon 


22.01.2014       Cheuvreux Conference, Frankfurt/Main

24.01.2014       Capital Market Day, Villa Kennedy, Frankfurt/Main

12.03.2014       Annual Results Presentation, Conference Call

17.-21.03.2014 Roadshow USA

25.03.2014       HSBC Conference, Paris

26.03.2014       Citi Media Roundtable, Munich

03.04.2014       Deutsche Bank, Pan-European Conference, London

14.04.2014       Roadshow Vienna, Austria Commerzbank

07.05.2014       Jefferies Global Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, Miami, USA

16.05.2014       Kepler Cheuvreux Roadshow New York, USA

20.05.2014       CITI GFK, German TMT Investor Trip, Munich

28.05.2014       Societe Generale Small & Mid Caps Conference, Nice

12.06.2014       Deutsche Bank German Swiss & Austrian Conference, Berlin

19.-20.08.2014 Roadshow Helsinki Copenhagen, Danske Bank

04.09.2014       DB Deutsche Bank European TMT Conference, London

08.09./09.09.2014 Commerzbank Sector Week Conference, Frankfurt/Main

09.09.2014       UBS Best of Germany Conference, New York

10.09.2014       Kepler/Cheuvreux, Sales Force Briefing, New York

15.09.2014       Roadshow Frankfurt, Commerzbank

18.09.2014       Roadshow Zurich, Bankhaus Lampe

22.09.2014       Berenberg/Goldman Sachs German Corporate Conference, Munich

23.09.2014       Baader Bank Conference, Munich

20.11./21.11.2014 Morgan Stanley TMT Conference, Barcelona 


22.11.2013       Morgan Stanley TMT Conference Barcelona

25.09.2013       UniCredit in Munich

24.09.2013       Baader Bank Conference

23.09.2013       Berenberg/Goldman Sachs German Corporate Conference in Munich

17.09.2013       UBS Best of Germany Conference New York

04.09.2013       DB Deutsche Bank European TMT Conference London

28.08.2013       Commerzbank Sector Conference Technology, Media & Telecoms

22.08.2013       Roadshow Paris, Societe Generale

16.08.2013       Roadshow London, CITI

14.08.2013       HY1 Conference Call, HY results

28.06.2013       Roadshow Frankfurt, HSBC

28.06.2013       Roadshow Munich, Hauck und Aufhäuser

27.06.2013       Pan European Small & Mid Cap Conference BoAML

15.05.2013       Q1 Conference Call, Q1 Results

10.04.2013       London Roadshow, UK

20.03.2013       Citi, Roundtable in Munich, Germany

12.03.2013       Analyst Conference and Conference Call, FY 2012 Results

04.02.2013       Roadshow USA, Societe Generale

25.01.2013       Capital Market Day GfK, Frankfurt, Germany

10.01.2013       Oddo Midcap Forum, Lyon, France


14.12.2012        London, UK (tbc)

22.11.2012        Cheuvreux, London, UK

21.11.2012        Natixis, Paris, France

19.11.2012        Citi, Edinburgh, UK

20.11.2012        Citi, Dublin, Ireland

16.08.2012        Bankhaus Lampe, Zurich, Switzerland presentation

16.08.2012        Societe Generale, Paris, France presentation

15.08.2012        Hauck & Aufhäuser, London, UK

27.06.2012        J.P. Morgan Cazenove Media Conference, London presentation

12.03.2012        Analyst Conference, Dt. Bank, Frankfurt presentation

02.02.2012        Roadshow BoAML, New York presentation

25.01.2012        GfK Capital Market Day, Frankfurt presentation

05.01.2012        ODDO Midcap, France