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Digital Market Intelligence

When consumers shop, search, communicate, gather information and engage with companies or brands online, they behave differently depending on which device or screen they are using. And they expect a consistent experience regardless of the channel or device they are using. 

GfK captures and analyzes connected consumers’ actual online behavior on smartphones, tablets and computers. We combine this with data from offline channels to assess which factors are most influential in triggering purchase decisions at every digital point of contact consumers have with your brands, products and services.

By evaluating the impact of online and offline advertising, brand interaction and engagement, the role of social media and people’s digital experience, we give you the power to influence the all-important path to purchase of your customers.

We help you design effective multi-device and channel communication strategies and optimize the online and mobile experiences that you deliver; so that you increase your competitive edge across all channels and devices.

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Success Stories
  • Social media: Separating customer sentiment from the noise

    Social media: Separating customer sentiment from the noise


    The GfK Social Media Intelligence solution helped our client to understand customer sentiment about a new car model, allowing it to sharpen its marketing approach.

    Our client is a major car manufacturer with a strong presence in India.


    The Internet – including social media – plays a major role in influencing car purchase decisions among India’s 120 million-plus Internet users. This Indian automotive manufacturer wanted to monitor and measure social media sentiment about a new car model so that it could improve its marketing effectiveness.


    We used our Social Media Intelligence (SMI) solution over five months to monitor and analyze social media conversations about the new car. Our approach combined automated tools with human insight to ensure accurate interpretation of social media content.
    “Human coding” – using skilled people to clean and categorize social data – enabled us to derive real insight from the data and posts we collected.


    The data we gathered and the analysis we conducted allowed us to map trends and sentiment about the new car into a clear understanding of the model’s online reputation. We cut through the noise of the social web to provide our client with actionable insights. From these insights we provided various recommendations, which included a focus on using the right channels to communicate to different audiences (users and influencers, for example) with appropriate messaging.

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  • Maximizing digital advertising impact

    Maximizing digital advertising impact


    Our research empowered Hawaiian Tropic to better target existing and new audiences in Italy, and to engage with them more effectively.

    Hawaiian Tropic offers sun protection products such as oils, lotions, after-suns and lip care to sun lovers around the world.


    Sun-care brand Hawaiian Tropic sought to analyze the effectiveness of a digital advertising campaign for the Italian market. In particular, it wanted to know whether the campaign was achieving a viral effect across social media, and was driving purchase intentions and recommendations. 


    First, we used our GfK Realtime Effects solution to measure the effectiveness of the digital advertising campaign; in particular, its impact on Hawaiian Tropic’s key performance indicators. We also conducted deep-dive analysis of relevant content across social media, using human coding (social data cleaned and categorized by skilled people) to understand the topics and sentiments of posts.


    Our findings showed that the campaign had a positive impact on future purchase intentions and recommendations. We identified the specific campaign elements that were driving social media posts and sharing, as well as the areas where the company could strengthen the communication of its brand attributes.

    Insights from social media analysis revealed the brand’s success in promoting viral activity. They also allowed us to make recommendations to encourage more sharing in future campaigns.

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  • Understanding tomorrow’s beauty products customer

    Understanding tomorrow’s beauty products customer


    Our insights help L’Oréal in Mexico to craft better marcomms strategies for the millennial generation.

    The world leader in beauty products, L’Oréal is present in 130 countries on five continents.


    A quarter of Mexico’s population was born between 1981 and 1995. Recognizing they are the consumers of the future, L’Oréal wanted to learn more about millennials’ attitudes, beliefs, aspirations and behavior in order to meet the expectations of these digital natives.


    To immerse ourselves in millennials’ lives, we made heavy use of digital tools and technologies for our research. We interacted with 72 respondents on the client’s Facebook page, and asked 16 millennials to write blog posts about health and beauty topics. We also hosted six focus groups with eight participants, as well as eight immersions.

    Finally, we did an extensive desktop review of research about millennials in Mexico and the rest of the world, which allowed us to compare their similarities and differences. We concluded the project by holding an engaging and interactive "happening", where we shared the results with the client’s teams.


    Our research left L’Oréal with deep insights on a customer base that is rapidly growing in size and importance.

    Tangible deliverables from the project included practical and easy-to-digest videos about the millennial generation. These encompassed a 25-minute overview of the important concepts, as well as shorter clips on brand evolution in communication, fashion and beauty, music and memes*.


    *[an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.]

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  • Boosting a distributor’s competitive advantage in ecommerce

    Boosting a distributor’s competitive advantage in ecommerce


    Boosting a distributor’s competitive advantage in ecommerce

    Our product data and ecommerce technology solutions empower S.P. Richards’ dealers to increase their online sales.


    In the mid-2000s, S.P. Richards saw an opportunity to take a leadership position in the industry and help its 2,500 dealers to more effectively sell their products online. Most of these dealers recognized that ecommerce was an efficient and growing sales channel with larger order sizes and fewer product returns. However, many were concerned about directing customers to their sites due to weak search functionality and basic product descriptions that would not drive conversions. To help drive higher adoption of ecommerce among dealers, S.P. Richards realized it would need to improve the quality of its product data and its content distribution capabilities.


    We initially worked with S.P. Richards to more efficiently aggregate content from hundreds of suppliers and to standardize it in a format that its dealers and Application Service Provider (ASP) partners could utilize and optimize for search relevancy. We then collaborated to introduce a dealer delivery model that created a straightforward entry into online business for resellers. We advised S.P. Richards to host the data online rather than distributing physical media, and suggested stripping product data management out of dealers’ ecommerce software and incorporating it in our solution. The solution includes SearchproTM, an S.P. Richards sponsored search engine, developed and hosted by GfK and integrated as the internal site search in the ASP’s shopping sites.


    S.P. Richards’ dealers are competing more effectively with bigger players and increasing online sales. They have the freedom to design their websites according to their needs, based on the data we provide, and can easily merchandize common and custom products in one solution. Dealers retain flexibility to customize the search and the products they want to list and sell online. With better content and search functionality on their websites, most dealers have increased online sales from around 10% of their revenue to 55% and above.

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