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Troubled times for garden hand tools


The garden hand tools market has struggled in 2017*. Volume sales have fallen 11% for the year to September compared to the same period last year. Market value has fared slightly better, falling by 4% to just shy of £65million thanks to healthy average price growth of 7%. Only the first four months of the year registered growth versus 2016 but the market has recorded double digit declines since May.

Looking at the performance of each of the sub-sectors within the garden hand tools market we see that none have managed to achieve volume growth in 2017. Only three segments posted modest single digit value growth – trowels, secateurs and loppers/tree cutters. Secateurs is the largest segment and accounts for almost a fifth of the total garden hand tools market, with growth driven by a 19% uplift in average price. Whilst price increases are stemming value decline, consumer demand for garden hand tools is waning.

(*Garden Hand Tools, GfK Panelmarket, Jan-Sep 2017)