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Smart insights: Retail

The pace of change in the retail industry is driven by digital advancements: more touchpoints, more product reviews and comparisons for consumers to access anytime, anywhere. And more variety in the path to purchase of shoppers.

To stay competitive and relevant, retail businesses need to understand evolving shopping behaviors and target group demands. They need to apply this knowledge to create differentiated experiences across both digital and physical environments.

Our retail industry research experts provide the insights to support you at every stage: from measuring your shoppers’ experiences and paths to purchase, to monitoring retail performance and trends.

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  • Brand and Customer Experience (BaCE)

    Brand and Customer Experience (BaCE)

    Brands are under pressure to develop emotional connections and relationships with consumers and business decision makers.  Brands need to respond in-the-moment, to enrich the customer experience – and develop strategies that influence ”moments of truth” throughout individual brand journeys.  

  • Consumer Panels

    Consumer Panels

    Your business is all about your consumers. So understanding them is essential in ensuring your products and services meet their needs, and in identifying opportunities for growth.

    Our international consumer panel data and research expertise provide you with smart customer insights into who your consumers are, their attitudes and behaviors, across channels.

  • Digital Market Intelligence (DMI)

    Digital Market Intelligence (DMI)

    When consumers shop, search, communicate, gather information and engage with companies or brands online, they behave differently depending on which device or screen they are using. They expect a consistent experience regardless of the channel or device they are using.

  • Point of Sales Tracking

    Point of Sales Tracking

    Retailers and manufacturers are under pressure to develop products and services that maximize sales and profit and to keep customers coming back.

    Success relies on having the most up-to-date sales data, combined with robust analysis to understand which products and services are performing well in the market – and which are not. With this information, clients can set clear strategies for commercial growth and increase return on investment.

  • Shopper


    Digital continues to open up new paths to purchase, changing how and where people shop. More and more data becomes available every day, as shoppers embrace multi-channel brand experiences.

    To stay competitive in this big data, multi-channel environment, businesses need to identify and leverage the most relevant data along the entire path to purchase. With this, companies can optimize each step of the shopper journey. 

  • User Experience (UX)

    User Experience (UX)

    Our user experience (UX) research and design experts help our clients create and improve customer experiences for existing or new products and services

    Today’s consumer is bombarded with promises for compelling experiences. They are sophisticated and demanding.  To be successful, a new product or service needs to be intuitive, usable, engaging and desirable. The user experience needs to be emotional in order to be memorable.

  • Geomarketing


    Our geomarketing solutions and consultancy provide our clients with smart insights into location-specific factors that impact the success of business sites, shops, sales territories, target groups, as well as chain store and distribution networks.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Mystery Shopping

    Consumers face a complex array of brand touch points every day of their lives. To deliver a consistent brand experience, marketers need to know how consumers are actually experiencing their brand. Our mystery shoppers give you all the help you need to understand these experiences, and respond to them to maximize the return for your business.

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    • 10/24/16
    • Retail
    • Consumer Goods
    • Point of Sales Tracking
    • United Kingdom
    • English

    Online sales continue to grow over the festive period

    In the run up to the festive period, the anticipation of Black Friday’s impact on Christmas 2015 retail sales was high.
    • 10/24/16
    • Retail
    • Consumer Goods
    • Point of Sales Tracking
    • United Kingdom
    • English

    Have this year’s Euros and Olympics impacted TV sales?

    Nothing seems to grab the attention of GB like a large sporting event and with 2016 having both the European football championship and Rio Olympics, there appears to be no better time to upgrade your TV.

    • 10/14/16
    • Fashion and Lifestyle
    • Retail
    • Point of Sales Tracking
    • United Kingdom
    • English

    Black Friday: the build up

    As we hurtle towards the end of the year everyone is talking about Black Friday 2016. This retail event has changed a lot in its short life this side of the pond, and we know it will continue to change as strategies from both manufacturers and retailers evolve from the learnings of previous years. 

    • 10/06/16
    • Home Appliances
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Retail
    • Technology
    • Consumer Goods
    • FMCG
    • Home and Living
    • Market Opportunities and Innovation
    • Point of Sales Tracking
    • United Kingdom
    • English

    Don’t be left in the dark about Black Friday

    Black Friday has become one of the most important dates in the UK's retail calendar in the space of a few years. Are you maximizing the opportunities? Do you understand what happens at this all-important promotional period, why, and what it means for your business?
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