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US Tire POS Panel

For too long, US tire retailers have been lacking basic tools for making profitable business decisions. GfK’s new point-of-sale panel promises to fill the gaps in tire sellers’ marketplace knowledge, aggregating and projecting data from dealers nationwide and providing participating retailers with regular reports on

  • sales
  • pricing
  • uptake of new features
  • regional trends

Tire industry legend John Gamauf (a.k.a. Johnny G.) has come out of retirement to consult with GfK on the launch of the panel. Under Gamauf’s leadership, Bridgestone/Firestone developed an unrivaled network of consumer tire dealers and set sales records for replacement tires. Gamauf also created BFNAT’s Affiliated Dealer Program, one of the most successful dealer incentive initiatives in the industry.

GfK has already established point-of-sale tire panels in nearly 30 countries, from Europe to Asia Pacific to the Middle East. The result has been a more informed global tire marketplace - one that will now include the US. Have questions about joining our US panel? Check out our FAQs, or contact us directly at neil.portnoy@gfk.com. Manufacturers and others interested in learning how the tire panel can benefit their businesses should also contact Neil Portnoy.

GfK’s new point-of-sale panel will give retailers the industry intelligence they need to thrive in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Nothing less than a breakthrough for my beloved tire retailers would lure me away from my bicycle and golf course. But GfK is delivering a game-changing tool that tire sellers need and deserve.

John Gamauf


Do you want to plug into the most powerful source of marketplace insights in the US tire retail business? Click here to download the complete application (as a PDF), or send an email to Neil.Portnoy@gfk.com?

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